Thursday, 20 January 2011

Weird Winter Tales - Reviews

A couple of reviews of the event Weird Winter Tales

John Llewellyn Probert -

"Well the event went really well and was surprisingly well attended by absoultely nobody I knew, whcih is always encouraging for...ahem...influencing new potential readers. The day began with Gwilym Games giving a lecture on libraries in HPL's work, followed by a panel discussion on The Necronomicon. After this we had a talk on Kenneth Grant, the real-life 'magician' and how HPL's stories may have influenced his own writing.

After that was Gwil Games' often hilarious account of the Samuels-Games Expedition (his title) to Devon to seek out HPL's ancestors. Gwil kept us rolling in the aisles with this and some of the pictures were classics - especially one of Mark Samuels, Quentin S Crisp and Dan (?) where they reminded more than a few audience member of The Goodies :D

After I read from The Iconostasis of Imperfection Gwil hosted an hour of the two of us discussing HPL in Cinema, interspersed with clips and trailers from Lovecraft movies where I got to talk about Charles Band & the whole 17 year saga of the making of Stuart Gordon's Shadow Over Innsmouth, AIP's HPL movies, Tony Tenser's technique of coming up with movie titles, and finishing off with a big plug for Rare Exports.

All this, mulled wine and Lovecraftian mood music as well - well done, Reading Central Library!"

Cardinal Cox:

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