Sunday, 25 March 2007

The Annual General Merging

Mark Samuels, master of fictions of urban despair, has photographs of the recent event carefully doctored to hide the true nature of what occured: The Annual Rite

We were particularly honoured by the presence of Stewart Lee. Besides being a fine comedian he is also a commited Machen admirer. He has not attended before.

Still cannot remove the stains.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Arthur Machen on BBC7

Sun 18 Mar 18:30-19:00 Fantastic Tales BBC 7
The White People : The nature of good and evil and the origins of sin are explored in this intriguing tale. [Rptd Mon 12.30am].

You can listen online here and for next seven days:

One of Arthur Machen's greatest tales is on the radio, a story which is often described as one of the best, if not the best supernatural story in English Literature.

Thanks to Calenture for warning.

Thursday, 15 March 2007

H.P. Lovecraft anniversary

Today is the seventieth anniversary of the death of one of Machen's greatest admirers H.P. Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) , who was inspired by Machen to create some of his best tales of weird horror, which in turn inspired many to follow in his footsteps and led to the creation of much sinister "Yog-Sothothery" and Mythos mysteries. Now many readers follow Lovecraft 's sources back to discover Machen leading to new followers for the Wizard of Gwent. It is strange to think the older Machen outlived Lovecraft for many years. Machen himself might have suggested this was something to do with Lovecraft's aversion to both tobacco and ale which Machen saw as essential to a healthy lifestyle.

May the Gentleman from Providence rest quietly in Deep Dendo.

Monday, 5 March 2007

Cult of the Red Moon

Behold the Circle of the Dôls

The carefuly syncronised plan for the Annual General Merging of The Friends to fall upon on a lunar eclipse was successful on Saturday due to the support of the Dôls.

The people of Usk looked on with wonder as the moon turned scarlet, much dark whispering was heard of the strange powers of these Machen folk. I fear a return to Usk may be unwise.

Following the grand dinner and the ritual evocation through the readings of The Author, the Red Ceremony was carried out in due accordance with the rules passed to us in The Green Book.

Thus the Circles are ready for another year.